Application Development
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Application development is the connecting bridge that enables an idea to complete the journey from conception to reality. Application development is as much about technology as it is about formulating business processes and refining them. Quality application development is the touchstone of identifying an established and mature software company. Developing quality applications has shaped EMES's evolution and we do the whole nine yards of it.

Application Renewal
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Application renewal is not simply a technology challenge but a business imperative. With the accent on flexibility, the process of application renewal supports business growth, allowing companies to seek solutions such as replatforming, migration, remediation and reverse engineering

Application Maintenence
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EMES offers maintenance services of applications developed in various platforms and frameworks. EMES over time has evolved and fine tuned a tested process for offering this extremely critical and significant service. EMES Business Solutions offers maintenance services in the following realms

  • Main frame based applications
  • Web based applications
  • Microsoft based applications and products
  • .NET based applications and products
  • Java based applications and products
  • Linux / Unix based applications and products

  • EMES has offered maintenance services across various domains to several satisfied clients, a few of which have been listed below

  • Web applications
  • Real Estate Management
  • Oil & Gas ERP
  • Freight & Cargo ERP
  • E-Commerce
  • Accounting and Finance
  • Freight & Cargo ERP
  • Think HSE Management
  • EMES is proud to provide extremely valuable and critical service for enabling our clients to continue their business without incurring additional overhead of developing and deploying a new system
  • Customization Services

    A silent revolution that is gaining momentum in the software world is the Open Source Movement. The movement is intended to support and promote distribution of freely developed applications using a collaborative framework operating under free distribution license policies. These applications are available along with source code and limited documentation for people to use, enhance and distribute. Open source application though available freely comes with the overhead of limited documentation, inherent rigidity along with limitations and restrictions in terms of functionality and performance.

    DataBase Migration Services

    Data and information are the key assets of any company. EMES understands that the drivers for data migration are multicolored in nature and each factor is unique and critical. EMES offers a comprehensive set of services in this value added domain. EMES also is well aware of the Intellectual Property implications involved in this exercise and guarantees data integrity and security in this exercise. EMES has well defined processes and procedures to undertake migration and has gained rich experience in this domain across varied database platforms.

    The following listing of databases is currently included in EMES's data migration services

    • Oracle
    • Informix
    • DB2
    • SQL Server 2000
    • MS SQL
    • My SQL
    • Postgres
    Programming Services
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    Offshore software development translates to a gamut of services of which programming services is a key value enhancer. EMES has realized that a good number of software companies across the world are equipped with experienced in-house designers and application architects. On the same note most of these firms are ill-equipped as far as programming resources are concerned. EMES has been providing tremendous value addition in plugging this gap by providing professional and dependable programming services.

    EMES Business Solutions offers programming services in Windows, UNIX / Linux, .NET, J2EE environment and PHP. EMES has proven competence in building applications using Oracle, MS SQL, Informix, DB2, MySQL and Postgres.

    Please view our methodology section for greater details on our approach and value addition as part of this service offering.

    System Integration

    EMES is helping companies manage the full range of their information technology needs by developing and deploying custom and application software to streamline and integrate business processes and systems for high performance. Working with our alliance partners Microsoft, Oracle and SAP, and our Avanade subsidiary, we architect, design, develop and deliver cost-effective, innovative, technology-enabled business solutions

    Services what we provide

  • Financial Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Inventory/ Procurement Management Systems
  • HR & Payroll Systems
  • Fleet & Equipment Management Systems
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ERP & Integrated Systems
  • Real Estate Management Systems
  • Stocks Analysis Systems