is a web based enterprise resource planning solution with its unique features and its distinct capability to meet with unique needs. It facilitates company-wide integrated information system covering all functional areas and performs core corporate activities and increases customer service augmenting corporate image.

Fully integrated modules include Procurement and Warehouse management, Inventory Module, Finance and Fixed Asset Module, HR & Payroll Module.

Procurement Module

Purchase aims at making available the required materials of the right quality, in the right quantity, at the right time and at the right price, for the smooth functioning of the organization. All purchasing and subcontracting activities such as inviting quotations, supplier evaluation, placing purchase order, order scheduling and billing are covered in this module. Order tracking is made easy for the purchase department by the various reports and MIS that are available in Purchase.

Features & Highlights
  • Highly parameterized – to reduce data entry
  • Streamlines purchase and process cycles
  • Detailed Supplier/Subcontractor/Service Provider database
  • Single service view of customer IT infrastructure
  • Capturing materials requirement
  • Automatic firing of purchase requisitions based on MRS
  • Quotations from various suppliers
  • Quotation validity
  • MIS for vendor evaluation based on quality, price & delivery time
  • Subcontracting – generation of process orders
  • Multiple indents for multiple items in a single PO
  • Purchase order processing for
  •        Raw Materials Non-inventory items
  •        Sub-contracted Bought out items
  • Purchase order entry with item details and other details like taxes, discounts, extra charges
  • like freight, P&F, octroi etc.
  • Flexibility to generate Purchase Order in domestic and foreign currency
  • Recording Payment terms in PO
  • Excise consideration in Purchase and Process Orders
  • PO authorization
  • PO amendments with complete amendment history
  • Order cancellation and order closing
  • Multiple delivery schedules
  • Quality inspection of goods
  • Advance adjustments
  • Purchase bill with updating of GL and purchase book
  • Service contracts, Service Bills, Service indents and PO
  • Value based approval of indents
  • Bill of Entry
  • Complete import functionality with handling of custom details - Purchase Bill for import, Excise consideration in imports
  • Reports for Order tracking for complete control on the procurement cycle
Warehouse / Inventory Management
Features & Highlights
  • Online status of item quantity in terms of on-hand, on-hand, available, reserved, ordered, to order, rejected, defective and reworkable quantities.
  • Complete excise functionality and generation of excise registers
  • Up to 30 Character alphanumeric stock code
  • Multiple levels of classification of items
  • Excisable items – Definition and Chapter allocation
  • Multiple units of measurement
  • Alternate items for Production Planning
  • Handling of non-stock low value items like stationery
  • Lot wise tracking of inventory at shop floor and main stores
  • Stock Valuation – LIFO/FIFO/weighted average
  • Material Requisition from different requirement areas
  • Purchasing and subcontracting
  • Receiving material against sales order processing, material requirement, subcontracting, gate pass and production requisition
  • Landed Rate of Items
  • Quality Control based on QC parameters
  • Handling Material Rejections
  • Rejected Material dispatch to subcontractors
  • Linking of GRN to PO and Invoice
  • Gate pass – returnable/non returnable
  • Cenvat claim for capital goods
  • Analysis which help in maintaining optimum stock levels
  • Physical verification of stock
  • Reallocation of reworkable stock
  • Multiple warehouses/branches/regional offices
  • Stock transfer – receipts from other warehouse
  • Consolidation of all warehouses
  • Consolidation at any level of company hierarchy
Finance & Fixed Asset Module
Features & Highlights
  • Caters to both national and international markets: user-defined formats for number, currency and date
  • Consolidated reports for any level of the company hierarchy
  • Drill down reports to reach up to the voucher level
  • Up to 7 levels of groups with up to 999 groups at each level
  • 28 system defined groups
  • Entering pending voucher details at the time of accounts creation
  • Definition of subsidiary ledgers
  • User definable precision for amounts (no. of digits after decimal)
  • Flexibility of Indian/American number system
  • Printing of amount in words in any language
  • Multi-branch accounting
  • Allocation of income and expenses to cost centers
  • Department wise budget allocation for all accounts
  • Online and batch posting of vouchers by authorized users
  • Defining narration for vouchers for ease of data entry
  • Flexible voucher numbering – daily, weekly, monthly, yearly and carry forward
  • Transaction limit for vouchers
  • Up to 999 entries per voucher
  • Transactions in multiple currencies
  • Conversion rates on selling/buying price
  • Adjustments of exchange fluctuations
  • Fiscal year definition
  • Enterable sales/purchase voucher till sales/purchase modules are live
  • Recurrent JV entries
  • Replication of JV
  • JV reversal
  • Receipt/Payment voucher
Job Management Module
Job Management System is the major module of the BizSenz ERP. This are the following business activities
  • Easy Order Processing
  • Define reusable or custom Process
  • Use pre-defined Bill of Materials (aka Parts List)
  • One Click Build Job Order from Sales Order
  • Job Order Costing, and History
  • Picking integrated to Inventory
  • Order and Line Information (Notes) and External References
  • Employee Time and Cost feedback
  • Customized Reporting
  • Built-In Help, Screen, Field and Column
  • Security Controls
Concern Managers are notified via Email and Message Center for any updated report or approval.
Service Ticket System will handle data entry for Service Tickets and will generate all standard and any customized reports based on clients requirements. System can generate invoices based on the Service Tickets.
Sales Order & Billing
Features & Highlights
  • Handles pre-sales and sales activities of the organization
  • Complete stock-to-dock tracking of sales order processing cycle
  • Sales Force Automation – Prospect tracking through various stages, detailed competitor products information location-wise, scheduling marketing executives' visits, tracking expenses
  • Marketing surveys for estimating demand for various products to prepare an effective marketing strategy
  • Detailed Customers/ Business Partners/ Dealers database including bank details, TDS details, contact details and credit limit
  • Target setting for executives
  • Association of customers to Marketing Executives and Business Partners for tracking
  • Flexibility to define customer-specific prices for products and reference to customer part no.riented companies
  • Excise details (chapter no. associated with excisable products)
  • Enquiries from potential and existing customers
  • Quotations and amendments to quotations with complete history
  • Analyzing lost jobs
  • Different types of orders can be generated to suit varied needs of customers
  • Order entry for direct/scheduled/open/D3/sample orders with details for Dealers, incentive % and competition
  • Order calculation based on price offered, discounts (line and total), excise, taxes, freight etc.
  • Letter of credit details for association with sales orders
  • Order amendment history
  • Authorization of orders and invoices
  • Order scheduling over a period of time and tracking delivery schedule
  • Order tracking through status and transaction reports
  • Generation of production advice to plan for production based on sales orders
  • Order processing based on MRP
  • Preparation of dispatch advice
  • Multiple dispatches against single Sales Order
  • Invoice generation with advance adjustments – sales voucher automatically generated in Finance
HR & Payroll Module
Features & Highlights
  • Highly parameterized, suitable for any organization, reduction in data entry
  • Automation of recruitment procedure and maintenance of candidate databank
  • Track of employee history of appraisals, promotions, transfer and separation
  • Uploading of attendance from various attendance recording machines
  • Complete income tax functionality
  • Generation of statutory PF, ESI and Income Tax reports
  • Manpower planning and recruitment (pre- and post-interview action plan for scheduling, selection
  • and evaluation)
  • Consultant databank
  • Candidate databank
  • Generation of call letters and appointment letters
  • Training details – training program and analysis
  • Drill down organization chart with complete reporting structures
  • Maintaining record of employee details including job related details, qualification, work experience etc.
  • User definable salary components for earnings, deductions, allowances and reimbursements (no limitation on number of
  • salary components per employee)
  • Formula based grade wise/designation wise/location wise/employee wise salary structure
  • Defining statutory parameters for PF, ESI, Superannuation and Gratuity
  • Payroll calendar – based on working days/payment days
  • Professional tax according to locations
  • Leave entitlement details for each employee
  • Shift Roster to generate employees' working calendar
  • Facility of Full attendance transfer to mark 'present' for entire month and update leaves later to reduce data entry effort.
  • OT tracking and approval and processing
  • Uploading attendance from swipe machine
  • Recording advance compensating off department/employee wise
  • Arrears calculation
  • Loan structure, application and sanction of loan and updating in Finance based on installation plan

Services what we provide

  • Financial Systems
  • Warehouse Management Systems
  • Inventory/ Procurement Management Systems
  • HR & Payroll Systems
  • Fleet & Equipment Management Systems
  • Web Design & Hosting
  • Health & Safety Management Systems
  • ERP & Integrated Systems
  • Real Estate Management Systems
  • Stocks Analysis Systems